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Knust Random Festival

Knust Instant Festival

Transversal and Ephemeral of Brussels Arts



04/05 > 02/06.2019




Léon and Simone Knust form a couple of artists driven by the idea of total artwork dear to the "Art nouveau", taken over by the Bauhaus, somewhat forgotten nowadays. They are interested by the Art as a whole, and hardly made distinction between disciplines. Like mécenes, but penniless, they invite artists to their warehouse and help them bring to life the biggest Gesamtkunstwerk of their time, a snapshot from what could be an appropriation of the site by an art of quality. Leon and Simone propose then to create an art festival, the Knust Festival, which presents to Brussels and world what art means to them, non-commercial, extravagent, debauchery, timeless, ephemeral...




program format 2019


Dates of the Festival: from April 29 to June 09, 2019

Contact :

Location of the festival: 19 Quai du Hainaut 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean